This Records Archive contains:

  • RTCs and other agenda-related materials from 2003-2011.

TO SEARCH RTC:  Select the RTC folder. Enter any keyword or number for an archived Report to Council (RTC) into the search bar and hit Enter or click the Search button.

  • If the RTC number is known, type the number with the file extension .pdf  (for example, to search for document 05-034, type: 05-034.pdf in the search bar). 
  • The extension is not necessary when searching by keyword for content within a file (such as transit center in this example). 


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Browsing to RTC: If the date of the RTC (by Council meeting date) is known, use the file manager below to navigate to an archived report based on that date. Council meeting dates are in the format of yyyymmdd. 


Advanced Tips
Type Example Notes
Fuzzy kettle~ Contain terms that are close to the word kettle, such as cattle
Wild cat* Contain terms that begin with cat, such as category and the exact term cat itself
Exact-Single orange Contain the term orange
Exact-Phrase "dnn is awesome" Contain the exact phase dnn is awesome
OR orange bike Contain the term orange or bike, or both. OR, if used, must be in uppercase
orange OR bike
AND orange AND bike Contain both orange and bike. AND must be in uppercase
Combo (agile OR extreme) AND methodology Contain methodology and must also contain agile and/or extreme
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Limit the search results with the specified tags
Limit the search results modified within the specified time
Limit the search results from the specified source
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